Monday, April 21, 2014

of rabbits, foxes and pirates

I started thinking about what I would put together for Colin for Easter months ago. I'm not sure why. Maybe because the surprises of Christmas were so fun to behold as a parent, and his birthday seems so far away? In any case, the excitement I felt over planning this day kind of surprised me. 

The first thing that came to mind was that I had to finally make a pillow insert to fit this pillowcase, which was mine as a baby. My mom recently dug it and a matching sheet up for me. It has an adorable but also creepy embroidered fox (I think?) smoking a cigarette! And also a wee cactus.  

Then there was this rabbit at the Broadway Market. Handmade, with moveable arms and legs! As soon as I saw him, I started hatching big plans for him. 

I instantly thought of the Maileg big brother mouse in a matchbox that I covet, but just can't justify spending so much money on. A friend tipped me off to some soaps at Marshall's that would provide the perfect slide out style bed, and I had all of the materials to cover the outside of the box, and craft him a little mattress and quilt. It felt good to get crafty - it had been so long! 

It was a big hit this morning!

I also found these awesome pirate eggs, which fit the little animal finger puppets I got for Colin perfectly. 

I was impressed by how quickly Colin picked up on the "hunt" concept in the backyard this morning! 

Cracking the eggs to see what's inside.

And books! Gah! There are so many adorable books for kids that emphasize the beauty and significance of Spring. I couldn't resist a few. 

Hank Finds an Egg is the mother of all adorable Spring and Easter appropriate books. Take two minutes to view this video preview of it if your heart is able to withstand momentarily paralyzing levels of cuteness. 

Bunny and Me is just ridiculous. I found it at the thrift shop a couple days ago for $0.30. How could I refuse?

I am a Bunny may just be one of my favorite kids' books so far - and we have a LOT of kids' books. It is simple and beautifully illustrated by Richard Scarry.

Colin was also spoiled by his Grammies and Nanas. There were stickers, books, sweets, assorted figurines of foul, an adorable antique hugger style Eton cap, a perfectly sized dump truck and front loader set, and much much more. 

We also did a lot of the traditional Easter related activities around town this year for the first time, including visiting the Easter Bunny last weekend. 

First try was classically traumatizing ...

 The second was much better - with Colin giving him a high five of approval.

This afternoon, after all of the eggs were found, the baskets combed through, the new books read, toys played with and naps taken, we had Easter dinner at Evan's uncle's house, where Colin loves to watch the airplanes flying overhead …

… and to try to drown himself in a half full tote of dirty water while mama turns around to have a bite of ham. 

Thankfully the experience didn't traumatize him enough to keep him from his beloved bath, and to try out his new foam bath letters when we got home. 

Egg letters courtesy of Grammy. :)

Wishing you all a Happy Easter, and a very happy, well-deserved Spring!