Friday, January 21, 2011

pickled cauliflower and baby booties

My plans for the weekend. And maybe some beer brewing. Though Evan's impending headcold and a perfect storm of frightful winter weather forecasts (below zero temps, 35 mph winds AND 24+ inches of snow?) may prevent that last one from happening. 

Last weekend I made pickled curried cauliflower and I can't wait to pop open a jar this weekend to have a taste, and, if all goes well, share a few jars with friends.

cauliflower & peppers ready to pickle

I also have a sewing project on the agenda - these baby booties for my soon to be born and spoiled niece Emily. I can say this because no one in my family knows I have started this blog, and the odds of them running into this post are about as slim as our chances of heading to Ellicottville to brew some beer tomorrow. But they are a surprise, and I am so excited to make them. Lets hope my rusty sewing skills can do the pattern justice.

Since this blog is a brand new adventure for me, I am sure it will be on my mind a lot over the weekend which is sure to mean more posts. 

Til then!

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