Wednesday, April 27, 2011

just browsing

Sometimes I go on Etsy looking for a specific thing, and before I know it, my fingers feel arthritic from all the clicking, and I realize I've been browsing for hours.  I end up saving a bunch of things as favorites, and sometimes it is fun to go back and browse through what I found worth saving.

Often the items have been sold, meaning that I am not the only one scouring the site with a keen interest in, say, the perfect ...

set of vintage cutting boards,

mother of pearl souvenir locket from Maine,

 set of vintage glass garden spritzers,

 vintage green and white enameled colander,

figurine of a Boston Terrier with pups,

  vintage tablecloth with Battenburg Lace,

 book about Healthy Sports for Boys circa 1910,

or 1970s lemon yellow wristlet.

There are still plenty of items saved in my favorites that are still available to tempt me, though, such as ....





I hope this has inspired your very own Etsy browsing session of unreasonable duration. 

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear...I am the exact same way...I have a strange sense of pride in my eclectic Etsy favorites collection. In fact I added the bar necklace above to it! ;)