Sunday, May 20, 2012

the week in review: good reads, magic and Mozart

A pictorial review of the week.

Flower appreciation.

 / 1 / 
Prettiest flowers I have ever seen growing out of a crack in the sidewalk. 

 / 2 / 
Campanula. Why do they remind me of toys, images and characters from my childhood in the early 80s?

/ 3 / 
My beloved clematis burst into bloom this week.

Living room progress surges on.

/ 4 / 
Evan spent most of the evenings this week scraping, and scraping, and scraping the 10 windows in the sunroom. 

 / 5 / 
More attention and commitment to detail - original hardware covered in layers of paint by decades of DIY homeowners without Evan's attention to detail. Soaked in baking soda and water, and scraped and polished. Like magic.

 / 6 / 
Living room on lock-down - the sanding has begun.

 / 7 / 
One wheel down, three to go on the antique industrial cart that we're turning into a coffee table (see here). 

 / 8 / 
Sully telepathically communicating.

 / 9 / 
Dinner at Left Bank - a 16 oz porterhouse steak that I thought would be impossible to finish, but alas, was not. 

 / 10 / 
Dinner at home. An odd medley of ingredients in the fridge that actually turned out quite tasty and definitely unexpected - feta, cilantro, red onion, jalepeno, cider vinegar and lemon.

/ 11 / 
Impromptu vinyl session inspires Hey Ladies dance.

 A lot of Billy Joel, a little Jefferson Airplane, a lot of hip hop and some Mozart to wrap things up.

Good reads. 

/ 12 / 
What a fun surprise to get this in the mail this week from my friend Penny - a down-to-earth, hilarious approach to parenting that I can really get behind. 

/ 13 / 
And some more parenting tips. This made me smile while waiting to take Sully in for blood work at the vet. Might have to pick up a copy.

These weekly roundups just reiterate how quickly time flies. Like woah, Nelly. 

Hope you all had a great week. 


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  1. GAH you guys are so cute. Love the tenderness with which the hubs repaired those windows. You guys would make great Scamp owners. Just sayin'. xo