Wednesday, July 27, 2011

unpaid vacation of unknown duration: New England - Part 2

I am feeling truly spoiled this summer. Yes, I am unemployed. But I am so lucky to have friends and family who let me tag along with them on their vacations (ahem, Kim), or have me as their house guest which makes vacationing easy when you are broke and have a lot of free time.  

So I, my friends, am making the most of this gorgeous glorious summer. And I am trying not to gloat, or to feel guilty about it. 

That said, I am so excited that Evan and I are sneaking away back to New England for a few days next week. SO - I thought it was high time that I finish posting about my last trip to New England last month, before a whole new set of experiences need to be shared. 

Ten highlights that were caught on camera ....

1. This little munchkin. (Bear with me - I am a very proud auntie, and she is a very cute kid.)

 Specifically, these toes:

... and bathtime (you know my love of bathtime).

 (Haven't had enough? See more here.)

2. This farm, spotted while driving along one of Maine's several scenic country roads.

3. This early evening sky, over Wood's Pond in Bridgeton, Maine.

4. This vintage Harley, which I got to go on a ride on with my Dad.

5. This little backyard oasis at my parents' house, and closing out the night with a fire.

My mum. xoxo 

6. Being at this Irish pub in Jackson, NH with my Mom and Dad on a Sunday night.

7. This story, even though I can't remember what it was about, told by one of my favorite people (Mother of this cute kid).

8. This hambone, son of another one of my favorite people, my oldest friend Rae.

9. And being there to celebrate her birthday.

10. This saloon, built in the middle of a farm field by Rae's Mom and Stepdad.

Spoiled and lucky, indeed.

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