Friday, August 19, 2011

farmers market haul

Last weekend I went a little crazy at the Elmwood Bidwell Market. To the point where, as I was about half way through the vendors, the Pasta Peddler suggested I make a run to the car and come back. 

I guess it was pretty impressive that I was able to balance all of the following, plus an iced coffee: (below, clockwise from top) butter beets, a posy arrangement, pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro, basil, thyme, grape tomatoes, six ears of corn on the cob, golden beets and nectarines, in addition to (not pictured) two strip steaks,  smoked Polish sausage and lemon pepper linguini.

I've held off on tomatoes so far this year, until they looked good. These grape tomatoes were as sweet as candy - so worth the wait! I've been enjoying the others (not sure what variety they were) all week in open faced tomato and cucumber sandwiches on toasted sourdough, with mayo, salt and pepper. 

I look forward those sandwiches all summer! They remind me so much of my mom. 

I had a baby shower to attend that evening and decided I would see what looked good at the market before deciding on what dish to bring. The two varieties of beets called out to me, so I grabbed a bushel of each. When I got home, I found a recipe from Food & Wine (old reliable) for spinach salad with citrus and roasted beets. Wish I had taken some pictures - it was a very pretty salad!

Golden beets.

 Butter beets, peeled.

I am totally in love with the little posy arrangements offered - I believe - by Dan Tower Farms, for something like $3.50. They are all a little different, and its hard to pick just one. I was drawn to the eucalyptus sprigs in this one, and the warm colors. 

I am loving the enduring color and form of these strawflowers in the bouquet, one week later. I don't think I have ever really appreciated them before, probably because I have never seen them in a live (not dried) flower arrangement. 

 I can't wait to go back to the market tomorrow morning to see what calls out to me.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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