Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sully & Otto's Christmas morning

It started out like any other Sunday morning at our house - me awake and ready to get up before the boys. Unlike children of the 2 legged variety, these kids don't seem to understand that you are supposed to wake up at sunrise - sometimes before - sneak downstairs to make sure Santa came and survey the loot, and stomp around the house making lots of noise to wake up mom and dad to get the present opening rampage started. 

Maybe its because, in people years, Sully is about to turn 35 and Otto is almost 14 - too old and jaded to believe, maybe. 

 So I got up, snuck downstairs, and made sure Santa had in fact left the boys something special. He did. 

I stuck the treats up high in the tree to make things interesting.

Much sniffing and snuffling ensued, trying to find the package containing the source of the delicious smell of tiny, meaty gingerbread men.

Sully gives up, as Otto keeps searching. 

After giving up, patiently waiting for me to stop being cruel.

Ahh, so worth the wait. 

Otto sporting his new winter fleece. 

Merry Christmas!!
Sully & Otto

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