Thursday, December 1, 2011

wanna play dress up?

This year, Evan and I, together with a few friends, are attending the Statler City Ice Ball for New Year's Eve - I am so excited! NYE is Evan's favorite holiday, and, done right, it can be right up there with Halloween for me in terms of dressing up excitement.

Sadly, NYE planning usually ends up being an afterthought, after the all-consuming shopping/baking/DIY gifting and traveling of the Christmas season is over. We make plans to go out or go to a friend's house, I frantically scour my closet for something "festive", come up short, go out shopping, and get frustrated because I can't find anything that I like in my price range. And usually, the whole evening ends up feeling woefully anti-climactic, and I am left thinking 

" Its the Eve of a new year, for crying out loud!
A toast to new beginnings!
A retrospective on all the good things that transpired over the past year, and challenges overcome! 
We only have so many of these to celebrate in our lifetime! 
This holiday deserves a party dress and a venue worthy of it!

 Styled hair!


Lipstick! "

... or, something along those lines.

So this year it feels good to start making plans early, and to have something momentous to look forward to. I am in the market for a new party dress - something a bit more festive than the  fairly conservative subdued work appropriate dresses I have stockpiled over the years. After 5 consecutive years of Fall weddings to attend, making due with what's on hand depending on what end of the size spectrum I happen to be on at the time, the Ice Ball gives me the perfect excuse to find something that will become my go-to fall/winter "special occasion dress".

I will be hitting up the local dress shops around Buffalo soon, but in the meantime, its fun to window shop online to see what the options are if I strike out. Modcloth is by far my favorite online resource. I've narrowed down the contenders on their site to about 20. Yeah, you heard me - TWENTY. I blame the fact that every day they get at least two dozen new arrivals in. Every day!! I can't keep up!

So, indulge me in a virtual game of dress up?


Breathtaking, no?
 You'll see that I have a bit of a thing for black lace.






Another fun place to look is Asos - if you have time to sort through the 100s of "body conscious" and obscenely short offerings. Some "longer", more "conservative" favorites:

Of course, now I cant locate this dress on the site.

^ A bit daring, yes. But I love it.

^ This one falls into the too short and too expensive category, but it is beautiful.

Just kidding on this one.
Sort of. 
Totally speaks to my inner crow though.

I'm holding out hope that ~2~ will come back in stock. It is by far my favorite. Do you have plans for New Year's Eve yet? Will you be shopping for a new outfit? Something with lace or sparkles? Do share!




  1. #2 is beautiful (I also have a thing for black lace, you didn't see the skirt I was wearing w/ my lace mask for halloween, but I have a feeling you would've loved it)...but I see you in #1. That would look gorgeous on you! I also like's Mad Men-esque.

    And now you've made me want to get dressed up and do something fun on NYE. I think I'll try and convince Tim!

  2. Another friend voted for 2 and 6 as well! I do keep going back to #1 too - like 2, its out of stock, so it may be a waiting game for which one comes back in stock first! I do recommend making plans for NYE in advance - it never seems to work out as an afterthought. And you deserve a festive night out to ring in the new year. :)