Thursday, February 16, 2012

casual sofa covers?

As the proud parent of two spoiled Boston Terriers who have never been taught to stay off the furniture, which happens to be light colored upholstery, I am always on the lookout for attractive, but casual throws, blankets and quilts to toss over the sofa and three chaises that we - and the dogs - love so much (wherever we like to sit and get cozy, so do they). While browsing on Etsy recently, I came across this shop that has several gorgeous handmade textiles from India, which - considering the detail on some of them - seem pretty reasonably priced.

A few appliqued bedspreads that I have my eye on (I would have to check on whether these are machine washable, to serve the intended purpose):

The shop also has several beautiful throw sized Kantha quilts, which are made out of gorgeous recycled cotton saris using an embroidery technique called "kantha"to form intricate designs. I love that many of these are reversible, and have sort of random patches here and there. These are more for decorative use than what I am searching for - Pottery Barn and West Elm, who sell vintage kantha quilts of similar size for twice as much money, advises against washing these.

Here are a just a few that caught my eye:

Quilt 1 ~ Side 1

Quilt 1 ~ Side 2

 Quilt 2 ~ Side 1

Quilt 2 ~ Side 2

Quilt 4 ~ Side 1

Quilt 4 ~ Side 2

Quilt 5 ~ Side 1

 Quilt 5 ~ Side 2 

I am such a sucker for intricate, soft textiles. I just love the stitching on these, not to mention the patterns. One of these may be too tempting to resist. It would be mine, all mine - dogs forbidden to set a paw upon it. 

Just like the cherished crazy quilt that my mom made for me out of scraps of fabric with very sentimental memories - the dress my Grandmother wore to my wedding, a pair of pants I bought in Paris when I was 15, a dress my best friend bought for me at a thrift shop in Germany in high school, a pair of purple embossed corduroy bellbottoms that were too hideous for my rebellious teenage self to resist. 

I'll have to share photos soon. (Of the quilt, that is - not of me sporting the purple bellbottoms circa 1995).

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