Friday, March 2, 2012

put a blanket on it

Oh, Pinterest. I am afraid you have led me even further astray from my resolution to blog more.

Have you been sucked in yet? It's wildly addicting, and once you get the hang of how to use it, incredibly easy. Too easy. With a few clicks you've created a beautiful inspiration board, and then a few minutes later, 27 strangers have liked or "repinned" your post! Woah - holy instant gratification!

It is, however, no substitute for blogging. But since I dont see this addiction/delightful time suck going away any time soon, I will try to use Pinterest as a tool for paying Dear Frances more of the attention she deserves.

To start, some images I have pinned that serve as follow up to my last post about casual sofa covers.These images prove that sofas covered in blankets, throws, sheets etc. can be attractive while being incredibly functional - comforting assurance to the owner of light colored upholstered furniture and two snuggle loving dogs.

This one is from one of my most favorite Design Sponge 
Sneak Peaks - Scartlett of Saffron & Genevieve
an antiques and interior goods shop in Santa Cruz, CA.

From a house tour of Kessa & Len's home in Toronto, via  

 Originally pinned from here, but could not find this image for source.

If you were to say to me, "Amanda, if you only had one website 
to refer people to to get a sense of your 'style' - a place where you 
would giddily adopt every single thing featured into your home 
- what would it be?" 
I would say, visit the Cabbages & Roses Homeware Style Guide
I go back to Christina Strutt's At Home with Country 
over and over again to get inspired. The obsession began with  

Originally pinned from here, but could not find this image for source.

Two photos above from Apartment Therapy House Tour  
- homeowners who clearly let their pets all over the furniture 
without sacrificing style or cleanliness (their furniture is white!). 
I love these shots - our two dogs love sleeping on the top 
of the back cushion of our chair and chaise, just like this.

From Apartment Therapy's  

This is where clicking on the Pinterest pin takes you. 
If you know the source, please tell me!

Ok, so those last two aren't covered in blankets, but they still show how a loose, non-custom fit (i.e. affordable) slipcover can look great, wrinkles and all, with a little help from some comfy pillows. While our current living room set isn't a forever set, I would still like to keep it in good shape and as clean as possible. We bought the three pieces (oversized chair, chaise and sofa) off Craigslist for the same price that we sold our old sofa and loveseat so someone else for, so it was essentially a free upgrade! The chaise was the real catalyst for the transaction, and I would like to "trade in" the sofa soon on Craigslist for something else. 

What can I say? I get queasy at the price tag of new sofas, and love the thrill of the hunt.

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