Monday, August 29, 2011

more Dan Tower Farm love

 Lush, fluffy white dahlia blooms. 

This weekend Dahlias were the big star at the Dan Tower Farm stand at the Elmwood Bidwell market. They played the leading role in the small bouquets sold every weekend, and there were also single stems of gigantic white dahlia blooms for sale. 

Along with a small bouquet, which has become a bit of a tradition in my Saturday morning farmers market shopping, I bought 3 stems, with big fluffy white blooms and closed buds on each. I put them together with the remaining survivors from last weekend's bouquet.

 This week's bouquet. 

I am always so impressed with the little bouquets they put together the day before the market. I'd like to contact Iris Tower who runs the cut flower program at the farm (her name is too perfect, right?) to see if the farm ever holds flower arranging workshops, and also learn more about options for visiting the farm.

Photo of Iris Tower (Left) and helpers at the Bidwell Market, taken from 

What I would give to wander the flower fields one morning, and pick Iris's brain about planting a cutting garden next spring.

Photo of Dan Towers Farm flower field, taken by Buffalo/Western New York photographer Sandra Kammererwho also happens to be the lady in the white sweater in the photo above. Taken from Dan Tower Farms Facebook page. 

And while we are singing the praises of dahlias, please check out this gorgeous post by Lily Stockman, artist and author of the blog bigBANG studio, who also shares my love of Maine and tomato sandwiches

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