Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'll be in the backyard if you need me

Catching up with Pictures - Round One

Going back through my "blog" folder in iPhoto, I realized how many photos I took this summer with the intention of sharing them here. Often, I took photos with an accompanying story in mind. Inevitably, of course, time got away from me as I readied myself for the next Northeast travel adventure, barbeque, job application, chore, meal, etc. 

So I thought - now that summer seems to officially be winding down, and everyone is getting excited for fall - apples, pumpkins, cider, Halloween, comfort food, mums, etc. - I would at least make an effort to post the photos I intended to share, even if they don't appear all that memorable or share-worthy without a clever engaging narrative. 

So here's the first post in the series Catching up with Pictures:

"I'll be in the backyard if you need me." Sully and I entertaining ourselves in the backyard, soaking up as much of the gorgeous Buffalo summer weather as we can, in the only way that seems to allow time to pass at a reasonable, if not slow, pace. For me, that's reading, sometimes with an iced water with lemon, sometimes homemade iced tea, sometimes a cocktail. For Sully, that's eating and rolling in the grass, and napping under my chaise. 

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