Monday, October 31, 2011

caw, caw! happy halloween!

Happy Halloween, friends!

Did you dress up this weekend, or are you going out tonight? Or are you someone who has outgrown Halloween? 

I am wondering if there will ever come a time when I outgrow the desire to dress up - this was certainly not the year! 

Three of my girlfriends and I went all out this year and dressed up as a "murder of crows" for Saturday night. I have never had so much fun pulling together a costume! Thankfully our idea coincided with the fact that feathers are all the rage with the 'tweens right now. 

 The Lovely Liz - aren't those false lashes AMAZING??

 Cupcakes, of Hank & Cupcakes - the Brooklyn duo that played at the Bazoinker Ball at the Hamlin House, where we started our evening. If I had been wearing socks, they'd have been knocked off. 
In addition to being VERY impressed with Cupcakes' talent and stage presence, we were also quite pleased with her choice of costume!

And Holly Golightly here dazzled me with her tattoo - beautiful! 
(Incidentally, Holly Golightly was my costume two years ago). 

Whatever your festivities may be, may they be safe, merry, and hopefully a little bit spooky!!

Bwah, hah hah hah haaaah!



  1. A murder of crows FANTASTIC. I'm also rocking the black nail polish (I wasn't really anything except I made a mask and wore black, I'll post a picture later today).

    And that tattoo is absolutely beautiful! I love it. It makes me smile.

    Happy Halloween! (Did you get snow this past weekend? Did it make it that far north? I heard the power was even out in BBH!)

  2. Thanks bodega bliss! :) Happy Halloween to you too! Thankfully Buffalo completely missed the Northeast snowstorm - I'd be feeling smug about that if it weren't for all my friends and family dealing with it right now! Buffalo had a freak early October storm in 2006 and it devastated much of the city's trees - when you get a storm that early when the leaves are still on the trees, the leaves form a web for the snow, it builds and builds until its so heavy that it snaps limbs. It was crazy - you could hear huge tree limbs snapping all night, sounded like gun shots - and apparently thats what a lot of the Northeast is experiencing now. An early freak snow storm and losing power isn't too weird, but when its early enough to do all that permanent damage to trees, its really sad! So thankfully we were spared - our trees couldn't handle another one of those storms! Looking forward to your next post. :)

  3. I've seen pictures from back east of the destruction the snow has caused, but I didn't realize why the limbs were all breaking until you explained it. That really is quite sad! I'm glad Buffalo was spared that, then. Crazy!

    I'd love to give you a tutorial! Really all I did was make a mask out of felt (I made one out of paper first, then pinned it to the felt to cut) and used a base fabric that I glued with craft glue on top of the felt (that's the web-like black fabric) then cut the flowers out of a lace to put on top of that. I was impressed with the craft glue, I didn't think it would hold because lace doesn't have much surface to stick to. If I had had more time, I would have sewed it onto the felt. The felt stretched over the course of the night, I'm not sure felt is the way to go for the base...either that or I should have made the elastic tighter (which I also sewed onto the felt). Overall, I was really happy with how it turned out. I had black feathers to add to it as well, but I was liking just the lace. I'm so glad you liked it!