Saturday, April 28, 2012

the week in review: renovations, fabrics, birthday pampering, and - of course - dogs.

A pictorial review of the week.

/ 1 /
The gold yellow painted wallpaper with popcorn-like texture is now gone. Gone!!

I almost wish we could keep the walls in this stripped down, textured look - but it has a fuzzy surface now and doesn't look so good in person. It will be stripped further, sanded, and painted.

Sully always finds the sun, even if it is in a corner littered with scraped wallpaper remnants and paint chips. Behind him, the one last gold surface in the sun room.

/ 2 /
Sully's perch during dinner time. I've been trying to snap a photo of this for a long time but he always looks away. 
Surely from the shame - so naughty.

/ 3 /
Picking fabrics for a "follow the lines" quilt for the little guy coming in September. Scenes from my favorite (a fabric from Japan) below:

A loss in translation, but it sounds so profound.

 Makes perfect sense to me (and to Sully & Otto).

This one, not so much.

This one made me laugh out loud. 

"Good travel."

"Let's enjoy every day with us." Words to live by.
Bonus - this fabric can serve as a teachable moment in grammar in later years. 

Another contender - Alexander Henry's "Animal Kingdom." Even though the quirky Japanese fabric charmed the pants off me, I think this one might be better for the follow the lines quilt. 

/ 4 /
Mantel top in progress. Scraped and slathered with wood filler, waiting to be sanded.

With the walls no longer deep red, its easier to appreciate the reflective sunlight coming through the beveled glass windows. 

/ 5 /
Sunset on the Niagara River.

/ 6 /
The bump looks like a mountain here. I wonder if Sully has any idea what's in there?

/ 7 /
Birthday toes, preceded by an hour long facial with scalp, head, neck, shoulders, upper back, arms and hands massage - all by the lovely Annette at Fix Salon. Heaven - thank you Evan.

/ 8 /
After the deluxe facial and pedicure, a shopping trip to Chic and Sweet clothing and accessories boutique. A Happy Friday indeed. 

I bought a Living Social voucher back in December, before I knew I was pregnant. It expires on Monday, so I used the whole voucher on accessories: a few pairs of earrings, a vibrant scarf and three long beaded necklaces. Sometimes being forced to have a limited focus is a good thing. 

{Bad blogger alert} A highlight not pictured: wrapping up a fun filled Friday with a fantastic dinner with girlfriends at Jewel of India, newly opened in my neighborhood this week. So, so, SO good.

Have a happy weekend everyone. xoxo

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