Friday, September 16, 2011


Every time I pick out a bouquet from Dan Tower Farms at the farmer's market, I try to find one that has at least one unique flower in it that makes it stand out from the rest. Last weekend, it was the one stem of foxglove in the bunch that got me. 

Now, a week later, I've picked out at least a quarter of the bouquet that's wilted away. But that's what I love about these bouquets - with a little downsizing and rearranging, they still bring a touch of grace and beauty to my kitchen long after I bring them home at their prime. 

I'm a bit sad that this was probably my last bouquet from the market. I am participating in the Massachusetts Avenue Project's "Tour de Farms" tomorrow - a 35 mile bike ride around Western New York celebrating our local food sources. Its supposed to be a cool crisp sunny fall day - perfect for riding! I look forward to sharing a post about it here. 

Then next weekend I am off to NYC to stay with my friend Alice in Brooklyn - fall is absolutely my favorite time of year to visit the city, so I am psyched. May have to revisit my list of places to see, shop, eat and drink. I am dying to work in a flower arranging course somewhere, but it doesn't look like any coincide with my trip, and they seem a little out of my reach right now anyway. 

Then the following weekend we may be off to Maine again, this time to Bar Harbor. That will make a record breaking THREE trips back to New England for me this year - which is just stinking fabulous!

So I'm just going to take in these little beauties, because I'm not sure I'll be able to get more until next spring. 

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  1. Why hello there!

    This morning I was reading Katy Elliot's blog and saw that someone who grew up in Boothbay Harbor commented on the Marston house post, so I felt compelled to investigate who it was because the chances of knowing the person is pretty high when they're from Boothbay. I read through some posts and finally saw your picture, except it was from a distance and even though I thought it was you (and, well, your name was on her blog!), it was confirmed when you mentioned Rae and I saw a picture of her son with his bright red hair. And how fun that I found your blog through a random blog that I just started reading a few weeks ago because of her beautiful photos of New England! I wanted to comment that every time I drove through Wiscasset growing up, I'd look for a ghost that was rumored to hang out on the brick patio to the left of that building, but I got directed to your blog instead. :)

    It's so nice to see your beautiful house and dogs and see that you are doing well. I really enjoyed your photos of Maine and New England, it brought a little bit of home to me today. I'm living in Northern California now and miss New England every single day. Especially this time of year, when fall is just starting.

    Thanks for a little glimpse into your life today. It was nice to come across you on this Monday afternoon.

    Courtney (Lewis)