Monday, January 30, 2012

nyc weekend

 Beautiful sky on Saturday, on the way to Eataly.

 Drinks at the Clover Club.

 Teddy, snoozing.

 Fresh apple, carrot and ginger juice.

 At the Brooklyn Flea.

 Brunch at No. 7.

 Fried eggs & nachos.

 Colorado & Florida by D.S. & Durga at bird - my proudest moment of restraint. Despite this seriously gorgeous perfume's hefty price tag, I was dangerously tempted when the store clerk said it was a limited edition, only 99 bottles were made, and that bird was its sole distributer. 

 Sunset views from Sunset Park.

ps - It seems surreal that it was exactly one year ago this weekend that I was basically doing the same thing - visiting Alice in Brooklyn, having a blast eating my way through the weekend, and checking out the flea market for the first time while my sweet little niece Emily was busy being born. Happy birthday sweet pea! 

So excited to visit my family in Maine this weekend to celebrate this milestone properly, together with my Mom's birthday, for the first time in at least a decade. 

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