Tuesday, January 24, 2012

this made my night

The Bliss spa signature scent, found this evening at Marshall's - $5.99 for a travel sized rollerball, $9.99 for a full bottle. Its probably been around for ages, but tonight was the first time I'd smelled it, and now I'm obsessed. Its uplifting and fresh - perfect for the dead of winter doldrums. 

From the Bliss website (where you can also see what a great bargain this was):

Bliss Spa began with a simple mission: to deliver the best possible feeling in the world. This signature ‘scent’-iment—which literally permeates our spas—inspired our eponymous eau de toilette. A fresh, mood-boosting medley of vibrant bergamot, dewy cucumber, and bright florals like lily, ylang ylang and violet, this unique blend is light enough to be your signature spritz—but exceptional enough to wear on special occasions. In simple speak, it’s our spa in a bottle.

Maybe I can visit the actual spa when I am in New York this weekend? Let's see what I can afford .... a 15 minute "pucker perfecting facial for my lips" for $35? Hmm - I think I'll be sticking to the Marshall's bargains for now!

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