Monday, March 5, 2012

mr. jason grant's boston terrier paint

We are in the middle of a living room redo. As I type this I am sitting in the living room, downright giddy at how bright it is in here! Evan finished priming the formerly dark red walls last night, and its already an astounding improvement. 

The living room is pretty large, and has a ton of built ins with glass doors and a mantel shelf that runs the depth of the room - all of which are going to require extensive scraping and prepping for a new coat of paint. Thankfully, I might add, because I need all the time I can get to choose colors for the walls, built ins, trim and brick facing around the fireplace.

So paint colors are on my brain right now in a big way - who knew choosing light neutrals could be so difficult? Oh, thats right - everyone who has ever had to do it. Here is my Pinterest inspiration board for colors. More on those soon!

So when I came across this Murobond paint line out of Australia designed by Mr. Jason Grant via Decor8 today, I had to share it. Gorgeous colors, and paint cans featuring a Boston Terrier? Come on - what's not to love?

Handsome devil.

(Don't worry - I haven't lost my mind so much as to seriously consider ordering gallons of paint from Australia because they feature a Boston Terrier. But I still had to share the BT love!)

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